Turnkey Raffle Websites

We recommend contacting our sister company at for a fully hosted raffle website or basket raffle solution with quick turnaround.

If you want a full customized raffle website, you can select our turnkey solution. You provide us your logo, prize images and description and ticket prices and information about your raffle and your charity and will customize one of our themes and load the site up ready to sell tickets for you. Includes: Wordpress installed and configured Customized Template Design color matched to your logo Raffle Ticket Generator Gold Edition Configuration of Raffle with up 15 ticket packages WooCommerce installed and configured, Stripe or Square configured with your provided account information 2 slider images created from your content Pages Included: Prize Description, About Charity, Contact, FAQ and Rules Upon Purchase, we will send a questionnaire to be completed by you which will provide us the information we need to get your Raffle website up and running. Estimated time to completion is one week. For installation we will need Cpanel access to your webserver and for Stripe or you will need SSL installed. If you want, we can supply hosting and/or SSL for a nominal fee.
Contact us for a quote.  We can build you the ultimate competition site or a full featured raffle website.

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