Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin for Fundraising Raffles

We get this question all the time.  The Raffle Ticket Generator plugin was created for fundraising raffles.  That said, it is easy to use our plugin to create tickets for rewards for purchases.

First, we are an addon to woocommerce so basically anything you can do with a woocommerce product, you can do with our plugin as each ticket package is a product.

Second, you need a plugin or you need to code to add a free product for certain purchases.  There are all kinds of coupon and BOGO plugins,  We are partial to Advance Coupons.

You configure the raffle tickets the way you normally would as shown in our getting started guide.    Once you have the raffle configured and tested.  Then setup a configuration in advanced coupons to add the "product" that will generate a ticket to the cart automatically.  In advanced coupons, you set a condition for the "coupon" to be good if cart subtotal is greater than $xx.  Then you setup BOGO to add a product to cart for a certain condition is met.

We cannot provide free woocommerce support, but this is how we accomplish the task when we build a site for a customer who needs this.

Once the tickets are awarded, you can handle the winners and raffles just like any normal charity fundraising raffle.

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