Raffle Ticket Generator 4.0 is coming soon! What you need to know about WordPress 5.5.

While we had hoped for a mid August release, the ‘rona has our team still working from home and our testing on the new version is behind just a bit.    We will be releasing it as soon as we have it all buttoned up!


First – WordPress 5.5 now has an auto update feature for updating all plugins automatically.  Our developers recommend that you make sure you do not have this enabled if you have live raffles.  All updates to the Raffle Ticket Generator should be done AFTER a full backup and in a staging and test environment.


Second – Raffle Ticket Generator 4.0 is a MAJOR release.  We have added over 20 new features to the various editions based on all the requests from those organizations who have asked for them based on the changes in their business model due to CoronaVirus.  This should only be updated in a staging environment and with thorough testing and a good backup.  There are many changes to the database and the rest of the plugin.   While we are trying to test every possibility, we have learned that many of you use our plugins in ways we never imagined, which is great because we keep making new features for you and we love being creative.

Here is a quick peek at just a few of the new features and changes:

  • WMPL Support
  • Auto-Range for ticket display
  • Hide or format raffle timer
  • Generate tickets in random order
  • Redesigned Admin Interface
  • Color and Font options
  • Pick a Number option
  • Question/Answer options for wrong answer
  • Raffle icon in category and product view
  • Live Drawing for secondary raffles


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