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Raffle Plugin Features

Works with WordPress and WooCommerce

The raffle ticket generator plug-in is designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress version 4.4 through 5.2. We also maintain an active beta development site for the latest beta releases of WP and WooCommerce and do not anticipate any issues with an upcoming release. It is an add-on to a WooCommerce shopping cart installation. We have tested it through the current release of 3.6. The plug-in has various features and they are triggered by assigning the number of raffle tickets that are attached to a normal WooCommerce product. We use all the standard WordPress and WooCommerce hooks so that you can configure whatever WooCommerce plug-ins for payment gateways, abandon carts, etc. that you would normally use.

Raffle Ticket Numbers Emailed to Customer

Depending on the payment method that you are using with your WooCommerce configuration the raffle ticket numbers are generated on the switch from pending to completed order status which indicates that the order has been paid for. On the switch to completed the raffle ticket generator plug-in will generate the appropriate ticket numbers and they will email those ticket numbers in the appropriate format to your customers. Those ticket numbers are also saved as order details so that you can view the ticket numbers assigned to each order from the normal WooCommerce order screens.

For the silver version if your hosting supports the GD image functionality, we offer the ability to email a graphical image to your customers. The gold version adds the ability to upload a customized ticket image that the plug-in will use to create individual ticket images embedded with the unique raffle ticket numbers.

Unlimited Unique Ticket Numbers Assigned

The raffle ticket generator will generate an unlimited amount of tickets that are limited only by the capabilities of your WordPress/WooCommerce website configuration and hosting capabilities. We have customers who have generated hundreds of thousands of orders with anywhere from 1 to 500 tickets on each order. If you have developed with WordPress, you should understand that your theme, your hosting, and your optimization play a big part in how many people can actively participate on your website at one time. We have taken every opportunity to ensure that this plug-in can handle extremely large volumes of raffle tickets with minimal overhead.

Specify the Ticket Number format

This plug-in for the silver and gold edition allows a variety of options to configure the raffle ticket format. You can add a raffle identifier in the ticket number as well as choose to include the order ID if you wish. There are numerous options, and while we do limit the number of characters that a raffle ticket number can have, you are really only limited by your imagination. Here are some examples of some various tickets that our customers have recently used:


Add Manual Ticket Order From the Backend

Because our plug-in is a direct add on for WooCommerce you can use the normal functionality that WooCommerce provides to add orders for raffle tickets directly in the backend of the admin panel. This will allow you to enter orders for cash and check sales that you may get at various functions during the course of your raffle.

Export to CSV

The plug-in offers a built-in export function to export all raffle ticket numbers and customer information to a CSV file. This is good for various drawing options that you may wish to do outside of our plug-in or your website. This also allows you to export customer emails that then you can import into an email program to send follow-up emails or specials or simply promote your next raffle.

Resend Ticket Numbers to Customers

It is very easy to resend tickets to your customers when they call to tell you that they’ve lost their email confirmation and want a copy of their ticket. Simply view the order from the WooCommerce dashboard and select resend order email and it will send the previous tickets to the customer again.

Run Multiple Raffles at a Time

We use the WooCommerce product categories to designate the appropriate settings for raffle. We have a specific category that designates the appropriate category to be a quote raffle unquote category. This allows you to set up multiple raffles and have different features and different specifications for the various raffles at the same time. Many of our customers will do a large main raffle with higher ticket prices and then have a smaller prize raffle with lower donations so that they can maximize the amount of donations per event. You simply set up the category and you can run as many raffles as you want all with different specifications and features.

Custom ticket images

In the gold version, you have the ability to create and upload a custom ticket image that the plug-in will use to create a one-of-a-kind unique raffle ticket that will be emailed to the customers when they make their donation. Here are a few examples of some custom ticket images the various customers have used:

50-50 Raffle Options

The gold version also offers the ability to host 50-50 style raffles where the product can display a variety of information. It will calculate the total donations made so far and you can specify if you want the size of the potential pot or the size of the potential winnings to be displayed. It also offers the ability to deduct a certain percentage that you specify to be withheld from the calculations if you wanted to deduct the cost of credit card processing for example from the overall pot size that will be split. The plug-in also allows the ability to specify the percentage of the pot split for example if the pot is 40% and your charity is keeping 60%, this can be specified to the estimated winnings displayed would show 40% of the total donations.

Ticket Inventory Management

Certain raffle requirements in various countries and states require that the raffle organizers specify the total number of tickets that are available. The gold version offers the ability to manage ticket inventory across several different products.

Raffle Archive, Backup and Restore

Many customers will use the raffle ticket generator to manage several raffles over a certain period of time, to help keep the database cleaned up and optimal performance, the gold version includes the ability to archive old raffles as well as backup current raffles and restore archived or backed up raffles. We added this functionality when we realized that many customers do not utilize proper backup processes.