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Limit purchase per user
PrePurchase quiz option
Custom large format tickets(1200x400)
Custom Email Text
Random Tickets
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Unique e-Ticket Numbers

No need to print out raffle tickets
Ticket numbers are emailed to contributors
You can export the ticket numbers to pick a winner
Live drawing to pick the winner and announce it on your site

New Version!!! 4

Available in Silver, Gold and Developer Editions

Use this plugin and

Easily add a Raffle for
your Fundraiser

to your Wordpress site!

Increase Donations!

Online raffles will increase the number of people who can donate.
Various ticket options entice larger donations.

Don't have the time or skills to set up a Woo commerce dedicated shopping cart and use this plugin?

We also offer the ability to host a raffle on our website. Just visit !

Want to host your own
online Raffle
but need a website?

We now offer Turnkey Websites, with a few pieces of information from you your online Raffle can be up and running in no time at all!

Ready to buy our plugin
but need a template for your
wordpress raffle website?

We now offer website templates making it easy for you to display your Raffle!

Online Raffle Themes/Templates

After being asked many times if we offer websites for our Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin, we decided to build a few themes to make it easier for people to display their raffles without having to go through the hassle of building a dedicated website. All of our templates are designed using the latest industry standards and are optimized for speed and ticket sales. Everything we make is responsive and setup for optimal mobile and tablet viewing.

We offer full, easy to understand, detailed instructions here:

These designs are proven to work on WordPress 4.4 thru 4.8 which is currently the most updated version available and work with WooCommerce 3.0x. Since people have asked – this do not include the Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin – that is available separately. While we offer installation of our Plugins, we do not offer installation of just the Templates. We do however, offer a full turnkey online raffle website solutions which includes a template, Raffle Ticket Generator Gold Edition and installation as well as hosting. Fully configured and customized for your Charity here:

Heroes Theme

Youth Sports Theme

Charity Raffle Theme