If the raffle ticket images are not being displayed in the confirmation email and the backend, the problem is most likely that your hosting is not supporting the current gdlibrary function.

The first thing to check is to test if tickets are generated when you uncheck the ticket image in the raffle ticket options.  Make sure that normal tickets are generated.  If not, it is another issue and please contact support.

If ticket numbers are generated normally but not the images, then the problem is your gdlibrary.

We use gdlibrary to generate the images -

If you are responsible for your hosting, make sure that version 2.2.3 is installed and working properly.  If you are on shared hosting, your host might not support gdlibrary or the version is an older version.  We are known to work with the current version, but do not have enough info about older versions.

If your host does not support the current version of gdlibrary, there is nothing we can do about the issue and you need to use regular tickets.

Several people have asked which hosts support gdlibrary, unfortunately, we do not have enough information as many hosts have different versions on different servers.

For example.  We have seen it work properly on some hostgator servers, but others do not.  When we look at the different servers, they have various versions so there is not a lot of consistency on the same hosting providers.

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