Getting Started

For our Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin you need to know the following things:

1. ThisThis plugin requires woo-commerce in order to work properly

2. There are multiple versions of this plugin available

A – Free Version – Bronze

B – Paid Versions – Silver and Gold

Free Version

The Bronze Version is free to download. You can download it from or you can download it from the downloads section on this website. The Bronze plugins features are limited. It only generates 500 unique ticket numbers, and you can only see them on the orders details page. The ticket numbers are also emailed to customers in an order receipt email.

Paid Versions

The Silver and Gold Version needs a license number in order to work properly. You will have to purchase that from our website by clicking here. The Silver and Gold Version have multiple raffle categories with which you can make multiple raffles in one website, you can also make a setting for the raffle ticket generation meaning how the ticket numbers are being generated Ex.) 200-customtext-222-1 etc, also you can download the csv of the ticket numbers for every raffle ticket and the ticket numbers that are generated are unlimited per raffle. You can upload a custom ticket image on both Silver and Gold. The Gold version also included the option to manage a 50-50 or “Split the Pot” style raffle and it will manage ticket inventory for those customers who want to make sure only xxxx tickets are available.

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