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Silver and Gold Installation and Activation

Thank you for purchasing the Raffle Ticket Generator.  We value you as a customer and wish you the best success on your fundraising raffles.  The Raffle Ticket Generator generates raffle tickets as an add-on to WooCommerce and WordPress.  We assume that you have basic knowledge of WooCommerce when you purchased this plugin.

License Info:

Your license for the plugin allows you to use the plugin for as long as you wish, but support and updates are good for the term you selected.   Technology is constantly changing and we are adding additional features on a regular basis. Over the years, we have had to change the plugin significantly to be compatible with the different versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.  We support the version of the plugin you own for the same versions of WordPress and WooCommerce it was designed and released for.  For example, while the license never expires, if you purchased the Raffle Ticket Generator 2.0 back in 2015 and 2016 that was built for WordPress 4.4 and WooCommerce 2.4.  So much has changed with WordPress and WooCommerce that while the license for our 3 year old plugin does not expire, We cannot guarantee, that they will work on updated WordPress and WooCommerce.   That said, those old versions will continue to work perfectly on WP 4.4 and WooCommerce 2.4.     .  We offer updates and support extensions at a reasonable price.  We are a US based company with English speaking support during EST normal business hours if you have questions.

Plugin Installation:

A few things to remember prior to installing the Raffle Ticket Generator Silver or Gold Plugin:

  • The Raffle Ticket Generator is an add on to WooCommerce.
  • You have to have WooCommerce installed and configured
  • The Bronze version MUST be deactivated and UNINSTALLED PRIOR TO INSTALLING (if you installed thinking it was a trial)

When you are ready to install the plugin, first download your version by clicking on the link you got in your order confirmation email.

From the WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and then add new:

Upload the Raffle Ticket Generator and then Activate.   This activates the plugin in WordPress but you still need to activate your license.

Plugin Activation:

Once the plugin has been activated in WordPress, you need to activate your license with our servers.

Access the license screen by going to Settings in your WordPress Dashboard and clicking on Raffle Ticket Generator Activation.






For your convenience, we offer the ability to purchase a second license for your development or test server on our website.   You are only authorized to install a single license on a single server or installation of WordPress.  If you change your server, you can deactivate the license from your WpRaffle.com account.

Once your license has been activated on the server, the various options will appear in the Raffle Ticket Generator section of the WordPress dashboard.

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