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Ticket Number Formats

The Raffle Ticket Generator offers a wide variety of ticket number formats.

Starting Ticket Number:

This is the first ticket number that gets generated.  Each ticket that gets generated will increase from that value.  By default, the numbers are not exactly successive due to cancelled or failed orders.  The Gold Version has successive numbers to be used in raffles such as ball drops or duck races.    For example – if you put in 1000 as the starting ticket number.  You will see orders such as:   1000, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1006, 1007, 1008


The behavior is much like the orderId in WooCommerce.  It is possible to skip numbers.

Include Order ID:

This will add the OrderID in the ticket  number format.   The format will be:  {OrderID}-{ticketnumber}

For example.  If the starting ticket number is 1001 and the OrderID is 153 for that order.  For three tickets it will generate:


Then a few orders later – the OrderID is 165  and there are 2 tickets sold, the tickets will look like:


Ticket Prefix:

You can add a prefix for the designation.  This is popular with different organizations who want to brand their tickets.  The order of the format is:   {OrderID}-{prefix}-{ticketnumber}




For example, continuing on the above pattern and adding the word “prefix” in that entry.  The Tickets will be:



Ticket Promo Designation:

You can add another designation to the ticket format.  The format for this option is:   {OrderID}-{prefix}-{Promo}-{ticketnumber}



In keeping with the above example adding “promo” to the promo entry will create tickets that look like this.


Some common examples we see are things like this:

153-CHURCH-FALL-1001   to designate the fall raffle at a church


Ticket Number Style:

The major benefit of the Raffle Ticket Generator is to ability to have tiered ticket packages.  The feature allows for a wide variety of ticket sales.  We have many customers who will do things like $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets, $100 for 20 tickets, $200 for 100 tickets, $500 for 350 tickets, $1000 for 1000 tickets.   As you can imagine that makes for a VERY long email.

For convenience for those raffles that have many tiers of tickets , you can select to display the tickets individually, which is what the above examples have all been.  Or you can do a range of tickets.

For example, for an order of 100 tickets in the above example, selecting range of tickets will display this:

153-prefix-promo-1001 to 153-prefix-promo-1100 in both the order confirmation and the order email.

This covers the basic configuration settings.  The other options are a bit more complicated and have their own support page.

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