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Silver and Gold Instruction Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Silver or Gold Raffle Ticket Generator plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress.  This plugin enables you to run an online raffle, lottery or giveaway on your WordPress and WooCommerce website.  It assumes that you have basic eCommerce development experience.    We are happy to help you with any issues you have via our online support ticket system, but we cannot provide coding and best practices assistance for free.  This plugin is pretty straightforward and offers many different options and configuration settings.   That said, there are 3 places where customers have the most issues.  To save headaches, we ask that you review those BEFORE contacting us.

  1.  The number of tickets per product.  In the WooCommerce Product section there is a box for the number of tickets for this product to generate.  About 10% of the customers put in the total number of tickets they hope to sell.  Then when they do a test order, they get an email with 10,000 or 50,000 tickets.  Please check out the Getting Started – Quick Start Guide for those settings.
  2. Tickets not generating when order status is pending, typically using Paypal.
  3. Ticket images not displaying.


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