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PrePurchase Quiz

The Platinum Edition has the ability to have your customer answer a PrePurchase Quiz Question prior to being able to add the product to the cart. We support up to 5 questions and 3 multiple choice answers with a single correct answer in text input. One question will be displayed randomly. When the quiz is enabled, an Answer Question button is displayed instead of the add to cart:


When the customer clicks on the Answer Question button ONE of the previously configured questions is displayed randomly.


If the customer does not answer the question correctly, a pop up appears and the customer has to refresh the page and another question will be displayed (if you have created more than one question).  The product cannot be added to the cart without a correct answer.  Once the question is answered correctly, the add to cart button appears so that a normal checkout can continue.

Configure the PrePurchase Quiz:

The Configuration of the Quiz is straightforward.  Before you setup the Quiz, you will need to follow the instructions in the Silver and Gold Quick Start to setup the Raffle Category and then Raffle Settings.  Once you have setup your Raffle, then you can add the Quiz Questions. For convenience it has its own menu item under the Raffle Ticket Generator Menu.  Select the Raffle Quiz Questions and it will open up the category display.

The screen is self explanatory.  To view the settings for the quiz, simply click on the appropriate raffle heading and the Questions section for that raffle is displayed.  Click on Add Questions to open the question fields and type in your questions and answers.  The Correct Answer field must match one of the choices exactly, so it is best to copy and paste into the field.  Once you have the question entered simply click save.  To add another question click add questions.  The Raffle Ticket Generator plugin supports up to 5 different questions.

NOTE: we have a few reported cases in Firefox where a question will not save.  If you clear cache and or history it seems to save.   We will update this when we have more.  Using Chrome seems to work perfectly or using Firefox in “private” mode.

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