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Large Format Ticket Image

With the Platinum Edition we now offer the ability to create Large Format Ticket Images.  You can create your own custom 1200×400 pixel PNG image.  You will need to leave a white space for the name and ticket number to be printed on it.  We suggest an open area of about 300×50.  We will print the name and ticket number HORIZONTALLY based on an X-Y coordinate starting point.  For those jurisdictions that need specific info on each ticket such as a permit, drawing date, address, ticket prices, etc.  This is a great way to handle these requirements.

You have the option to include the ticket image in the order confirmation page and email or simply put a link to your server.  Just like the normal ticket images that are in Silver and Gold Editions, the ability to print images, required specific gdimage libraries on your server.  We cannot provide server support.  We strongly recommend that you get your raffle setup per our quick start guide and working without printing ticket images and then adding the images.  This will significantly cut down on debugging the problem should you have an issue with your php libraries on your server.    Here is an example of a demo ticket image we used – note the white space on the lower left corner.    When designing your ticket you can put the ticket area anywhere as long as you leave a horizontal area open.

Here is an example of the ticket displayed in the order confirmation page with the customer name and ticket number generated.

Large Format Ticket Configuration:

On the raffle configuration page after you click expand on the appropriate category, scroll down until you find the Do you want ticket images? section.  If you select YES, you will then have the option for the Normal (small 300x147px) image or the Large ticket.   You will need to create your own 1200x400px PNG file with an open area for the ticket name and number to be printed.  We displayed a demo example above.  It must be 1200×400 and it must be in PNG format.  If you do not know how to make that image, then you need to consult with a graphic designer.

To upload your custom image, click browse and select your image.  You will need to scroll to the bottom and SAVE the configuration for the ticket to show in the selection area.

To set the location for the Customer Name and Ticket Number to be printed on the image – put in the distance from the left and from the top.  In the example image above, we set the area from the left at 50px and 270 from the top.  Use only whole numbers.    If you are unsure of where exactly your open space is, please run a handful of tests using a long name.  This should be common sense, but I cannot tell you how many people get upset because they tested with “john doe” and then they get an order from Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff and they call us screaming that the name doesn’t fit on the open area.

The only other setting to chose is if you want to display a link instead of the ticket images.  This can be useful if you are going to offer a long range of ticket packages.  It can take a LOT of server resources to generate and then print a few hundred tickets. As we have said before, you need to TEST this functionality before going live.  While the display link works awesomely on a normal cpanel hosted WordPress site following normal security best practices, we suspect there will be instances on certain hosts were security and permissions may not allow the link to function properly.


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