Creating a Lottery or Competition Website using the Raffle Ticket Generator WordPress Plugin

More and more customers have been asking us to help them use our Raffle Ticket Generator plugin for use in a lottery website or a website for prize completions. While we originally built this plugin for Fundraising Charity Raffles, we understand the desire to use our plugin in for profit lotteries and raffles. In many jurisdictions, lottery or competition websites require a game of skill requirement to offset the game of chance that a normal fundraising raffle offers. They also require that there be a limitation on the number of tickets a user can purchase to enter to satisfy certain gaming restrictions.

We have listened to your suggestions and requirements, and we have now released the Platinum Edition plugin for Lottery Competition Websites.


PrePurchase Quiz Questions

Up to 5 multiple choice quiz questions can be setup from the admin panel and ONE of the questions will randomly be displayed next to the ticket choices. The question must be answered correctly before the tickets can be added to the WooCommerce shopping cart. If the answer is incorrectly given and there are multiple questions configured upon the page refresh another randomly chosen question will be displayed to be answered.

Limit Ticket Purchase per User

We have added a feature to restrict the number of tickets a customer can purchase for your raffle or lottery or completion website. This feature requires that you disable the guest checkout feature of WooCommerce so that all customers are required to be registered. This ensures that each user can be tracked. The configuration is very simple to do and is in the admin section of the plugin.

Set Lottery Start and End Time-

Your raffle or lottery can be set to display and allow orders within a certain time frame. Once the raffle has finished, the raffle products will be taken out of stock & customers will no longer be able to order.

Set Maximum number of tickets available-

The Platinum version has the ability to control the total number of tickets available for each raffle. Because we have the ability to do tiered ticket packages, unless you only have 1 raffle ticket option, you cannot simply control the inventory in WooCommerce. The Limit the Number of Tickets Sold option controls the inventory of available tickets at the product category level for a raffle.

Live Drawing

The Raffle Ticket Generator has 2 options to automatically pick a winner for your raffle. Random drawing from the back end admin panel of WordPress or a Live Drawing Shortcode option on a WordPress page.View this video for more information

Email Ticket Images with ticket number-

The Raffle Ticket Generator supports generating ticket images with the ticket numbers embedded into the image, PROVIDED that your web host supports the proper versions of the gdlibrary function of php.
When an order is processed, we will send the customer a ticket with a default ticket or a custom ticket with the ticket number displayed.

Default ticket:
Custom ticket:

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