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Configuring a virtual raffle ticket package product

Once you have configured the category settings for the format of the ticket numbers, and if you want ticket images or just numbers, you will need to create a raffle product item.

A raffle product is just a normal WooCommerce product that is assigned to the raffle category. The process is really easy.  But if you are new to hosting an online virtual raffle, you might want to read our article about pricing raffle tickets for an online raffle here.

Once you have determined your pricing strategy for tickets – you need to create a ticket product.


To make it a raffle product, 2 things need to happen:

1. When you create the product, on the right hand side of the screen is the category list. Check the box for the category you configured the raffle ticket generator for.

2. Once you have added your price for the ticket package, enter the number of Raffle Tickets in the box. This is the number of tickets to generate when someone purchases this product. It is NOT the total number of tickets available in the raffle. That is the most common mistake made in setting up the raffle ticket.

Here is an example of a product configuration with 1 ticket getting generated when the product is purchased:
online virtual raffle ticket setup single ticket option

Here is an example where the ticket will generate 50 tickets when the product is purchased:

Setup 50 Virtual Raffle Tickets

3. OPTIONAL SETTING – Display Number of Tickets checkbox. When checked – this will display the number of tickets IN THIS PRODUCT on the woo commerce page.

When this product option is selected – it will display the number of tickets on the product page on the WooCommerce store page.

Here is an example of where that ticket info is displayed on your page if you check the box.