Unique e-Ticket Numbers

No need to print out raffle tickets
Ticket numbers are emailed to contributors
You can export the ticket numbers to pick a winner
Live drawing to pick the winner and announce it on your site

New Version!!! 3.2

Available in Silver, Gold and Developer Editions

Use this plugin and

Easily add a Raffle for
your Fundraiser

to your Wordpress site!

Increase Donations!

Online raffles will increase the number of people who can donate.
Various ticket options entice larger donations.

Don't have the time or skills to set up a Woo commerce dedicated shopping cart and use this plugin?

We also offer the ability to host a raffle on our website. Just visit

Chance2win.org !

Want to host your own
online Raffle
but need a website?

We now offer Turnkey Websites, with a few pieces of information from you your online Raffle can be up and running in no time at all!

Ready to buy our plugin
but need a template for your
wordpress raffle website?

We now offer website templates making it easy for you to display your Raffle!

Raffle Plugin

If you already have a Wordpress website for your Charity, our Raffle Ticket Generator is the best option for you to easily get your Raffle up and running! Our plugin has all the features and has generated millions of tickets on hundreds of sites.

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Raffle Templates

Have the skills necessary to start your online Raffle but don’t know where to start? Purchasing one of our Raffle Website Themes along with our Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin is the way to go to get your Raffle up and running!

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Raffle Websites

Don’t have the time to setup a website to host your online Raffle? With the purchase of one of our Turnkey Raffle Websites, and a little bit of information from you, we will have your Raffle up and running in no time!

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Ready to host an online Raffle but lack the time or knowledge to setup a website? Chance2Win.Org will host your Raffle with zero effort or website experience. With a few simple steps, Chance2Win.Org will have your Raffle up and running!

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Online Raffle Live Drawing Feature - New in 3.2

Full Featured Raffle and Lottery Plugin

Our raffle ticket system for Wordpress helps you maximize your donations by offering ticket packages to your donors. Instead of offering just single tickets, you can offer also offer discounted packages of various amounts which will significantly increase contributions.


Wp Raffle for WooCommerce

Here are a few features of our Raffle Ticket Plugin

  • Create unique eTicket numbers
  • Hold multiple raffles – each raffle has a customizable ticket format
  • Offer multiple ticket packages
  • Email graphical ticket images
  • Create 50-50 Raffles with live pot size updates
  • Ticket Inventory Management to Limit Ticket Quantity
  • Accept payment via WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Virtual ticket numbers are emailed with the order confirmation email
Excellent USA Support
We have several examples and videos to help you use the plugin. Additionally, the Silver and Gold versions includes our awesome support!
Custom Ticket Options
The ticket numbers can be customized for your needs. When hosting multiple raffles, each raffle can have an identifying set of tickets. You can even upload a custom ticket image.
Multiple versions available
Top notch support! The Silver and Gold versions lets you host multiple raffles and customize the ticket number format and include unlimited raffle tickets.

How it works

Configure Raffle and the ticket number format

Create a product in WooCommerce and specify the number of the tickets

as simple as 1 - 2 - 3!

Customers order tickets on your WordPress site and are emailed the raffle ticket numbers


Plugin work amazingly, does exactly what we needed. We got the Pro version because we plan on having multiple raffles. The options within plugin are great because we can sell more tickets in 1 product if we want and use prefixes to help monitor what goes where on the back end. Plugin even easily prints ticket numbers on confirmation emails from woocommerce and continues to do the same even on subsequent emails coming from the system. Just marvelous!
We had a small issue that had to do with our server, not the plugin itself, and the support we received was tremendous.

Definitely worth the purchase! Will be looking into getting more plugins from this developer if they are anything like this one!


Just wanted to leave a quick review to say that I purchased the pro plugin for 2 sites and whilst it didn't do what I needed the team at WP Ninja bent over backwards to customise it for me.

They also asked for any other feedback to make the plugin better.

What more can you ask?


About us
Our passion is helping small businesses succeed online. Of course, part of that is helping charities grow their donations. Our Raffle Ticket Generator emerged from our experience in helping hundreds of businesses increase sales and we incorporated that philosophy into added features that are known to increase donations.

We are not the typical plugin company. We are a custom web development firm who have been building custom websites and applications for 22 years. We are now releasing our custom software as configurable plugins.
Complete Raffle Ticket Generator System for Wordpress

We have built several sites for hosting raffles and have finally decided to offer our ticket system as a turnkey plugin.

We offer multiple versions - the free or Bronze versions simple generates up to 100 unique ticket numbers and then starts over. It is great for small groups who are selling just a few tickets for a small raffle.

The Silver and Gold Versions are full featured raffle ticket systems. You can host multiple raffles and each raffle can have it own ticket numbers with various configuration options.

***This plugin requires WooCommerce and a payment gateway. If you are not familiar with building and configuring shopping carts, please do not purchase this plugin. We are happy to support you with our plugin, but several people are calling and asking us to install WooCommerce, setup a payment gateway and configure their products. This plugin assumes you have the technical skill to setup a WooCommerce store. If you are interested in having us setup a store for you - feel free to contact us for a quote.