Run a successful online raffle or lottery with
The Raffle Ticket Generator!

If you're considering organizing online raffles or lotteries, this plugin is the perfect solution. It allows you to create and manage tickets with ease, customize settings, and send email confirmations in just a few clicks. By integrating with WordPress and WooCommerce, this plugin provides a hassle-free and effective way to conduct raffles online.

  • Email Tickets

    Payment Integrations via WooCommerce

    Export Tickets

  • Manual/Virtual Winner

    Limit Tickets

    Schedule Raffles

  • Ticket Images

    Random Ticket Assignment

    Pick Your Number

  • Various Ticket Formats

    50-50 Raffle Options

  • Email Tickets

  • Payment Integrations via WooCommerce

  • Export Tickets

  • Manual/Virtual Winner

  • Limit Tickets

  • Schedule Raffles

  • Ticket Images

  • Random Ticket Assignment

  • Pick Your Number

  • Various Ticket Formats

  • 50-50 Raffle Options

The complete raffle ticket generator for Wordpress & Woocommerce!

Platinum Edition
Free Edition
Silver Edition
Gold Edition

Platinum Edition

The Platinum edition offers a comprehensive set of features. It caters to the needs of individuals who wish to operate a lottery or competition website by facilitating pre-purchase inquiries, which transform the raffle into a skill-based game. Platinum enables users to offer random ticket distribution, pick your number, and leading zero padding options. Moreover, it supports large-sized ticket images and customized HTML text boxes in the email and order confirmation page.  Various shortcodes are included for displaying winner and past and future raffles.

Free Edition

The free version of Raffle Ticket Generator is suitable for small raffles that require a limited number of tickets. It creates 500 distinct raffle ticket numbers and then repeats them. After the customer completes their purchase on WooCommerce, they receive an email with the ticket numbers.

It's important to note that the Free edition is not a trial and there is no option to upgrade existing tickets to the complete versions.

Silver Edition

The silver package is an excellent option for charities and groups that aim to generate funds through an online raffle and require fundamental features. It enables you to conduct endless raffles with several ticket options and various ticket number formats. You have the option to choose the winners either through an online random selection or by printing tickets for a physical drawing.

Gold Edition

The Gold edition is an ideal choice for charities and organizations looking to raise funds through an online raffle and have specific requirements. It includes all the features of the Silver edition, along with additional options for displaying 50-50 raffles and prizes. Custom ticket images are supported, and the Gold edition also allows for successive numbers, which is perfect for events like ball drops and duck races. In cases where orders are refunded or incomplete, the numbers will be refilled on the next order, ensuring that no numbers are missing.

Since 2012, we have been assisting organizations in conducting their online raffles and lotteries. Our Raffle Ticket Generator plugin is the most comprehensive online raffle lottery solution available, offering a wide range of features to increase your fundraising campaigns. 

Unlimited Raffles
Tiered Ticket Packages
Tickets Emailed
Pick Your Number
Variable Ticket Formats
Various Winner Options
Custom Ticket Images
Random Tickets
Schedule Start/Stop
Paper Entries
50-50 Raffles
PrePurchase Quiz
Limit Tickets
Duck Race/Ball Drops
Leading Zeros
Customizable Displays
WPML Compatible
WooCommerce Integration
USA Support


Charitable organizations helped with their fundraising raffle


Increased fundraising per raffle using our plugin!
"Plugin worked perfectly! We got the Pro version beacuse we plan on running multiple events. Definitely worth the purchase!"

Michael R.


The most options for ticket numbering formats of any raffle and lottery solution

How to use the Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin

The basic features are very quick to setup.  The plugin is an add on to woocommerce and uses woocommerce categories to retain the settings for each raffle and then multiple products are created within the category to designate the ticket packages.

1. Create a Raffle Category

Once the plugin is installed - there will be a raffle category checkbox in the woo category settings.

2. Set Raffle Settings
Select the various options you want for ticket formats and displays.
3. Create a WooCommerce Product
Make a SIMPLE product for each ticket package.  You want to have 1, 5 and 10 ticket packages - just make 3 products.

Our passion is helping small businesses succeed online. Of course, part of that is helping charities grow their donations.

Our Raffle Ticket Generator was created based on our vast experience of assisting numerous businesses in boosting their online sales. We have integrated this approach into additional features that have been proven to elevate donations.

We are not the typical plugin company. We are a custom web development firm who has been building custom websites and applications for over 30 years. After building a few dedicated online raffle websites, we released the first and original raffle ticket generator plugin for Wordpress and WooCommerce over a dozen years ago

Maximize Your Raffle Sales with the original raffle plugin

Our raffle ticket system comes in multiple versions to cater to different needs. The FREE version generates up to 500 unique ticket numbers before starting over, making it ideal for small groups selling a few tickets for a small raffle. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions are full-featured systems that allow for multiple raffles, each with its own ticket numbers and configuration options.

We offer discounts to charities and non-profits for our Silver and Gold Editions when they use the coupon code NONPROFIT during checkout. For Platinum Editions, please contact us to receive a coupon code via email.


Free Edition


Simple, generates up to 500 sequential tickets*

Get it for FREE
Works with WordPress and WooCommerce
Raffle Ticket Numbers emailed to customer
500 unique Ticket Numbers assigned
Export tickets to CSV




Full featured plugin suited for most needs

Buy Now
Unlimited unique Ticket Numbers assigned
Specify the Ticket Number format
Add manual ticket order from backend
Resend Ticket Numbers to customers
Run Multiple Raffles at a time
WPML Support
Multiple Drawing Options




Silver, plus ticket inventory, custom ticket images and 50-50

Buy Now
End Raffle based on total sales $
Custom ticket images
50-50 raffle options
Successive Numbers for events like Duck Races and Ball Drops
Ticket inventory management
Raffle archive, backup and restore
Custom Order Status Raffle Shortcodes




Gold plus PrePurchase Quiz and Large Format Images

Buy Now
Random Number option
Pick Your Number option
Leading Zeros (0001, 0002, etc)
Limit purchase per user
PrePurchase quiz option
Custom large format tickets(1200×400)
Custom Email Text
Winner Notification Emails Subscription auto entries

Looking to make a Competition Site? Platinum Edition

Designed for use by developers with experience in Wordpress and WooCommerce.  Our platinum edition has a pre-purchase quiz to make your lottery competition a game of skill and has pick a number or random ticket distribution.  It also works with woocommerce subscriptions to generate weekly or monthly automatic entries.

Platinum Edition


Loaded with all the features to make a great competition site.

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Our Key Features
The Platinum edition is a complete package for competition sites and includes all the necessary features. It allows users to create a skill-based game through a PrePurchase quiz and restricts the number of entries per user. Additionally, it offers pick your number functionality and multiple shortcodes for displaying raffle and winner information.
Unlimited competitions
Pick your number
Winner Notification
Custom Email Text
Random Tickets
Raffle display shortcodes
Auto end on sales
Licensed per site

Need help creating your raffle site?

Custom Websites
The Raffle Plugin


Effortlessly create and manage engaging online raffles for your charity fundraisers with Chance2Win's powerful platform. Our raffle template allows you to set up your event with ease, even if you have no technical knowledge. And with access to detailed reports, you can track the success of your fundraising efforts like never before. Maximize your reach and make a greater impact with our innovative platform.

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Custom Websites

No need to worry about technical know-how or spending hours setting up a WordPress website. The Web Design Ninja team will create an eye-catching design for your online raffle, with the added convenience of The Raffle Ticket Generator plugin already installed. Sit back and relax, knowing that your raffle design will be in expert hands, allowing you to focus on what matters most – promoting and running a successful event.

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The Raffle Ticket Generator Plugin

Boost your online fundraising efforts with The Raffle Ticket Generator for Wordpress & Woocommerce! Easily create and manage tickets, customize settings, and send email confirmations with just a few clicks. This powerful plugin takes the hassle out of organizing online raffles, providing a seamless and efficient way to engage your audience and maximize your fundraising potential. Say goodbye to manual ticket management and hello to an effortless and effective online raffle experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions and answers to help you get the information you need quickly and easily. We’re dedicated to providing a satisfying experience, so don’t hesitate to reach out if something isn't clear.

Does this allow me to sell unlimited tickets?
Yes, Silver, Gold and Platinum are limited only by server and site capabilities. We have many customers with millions of tickets.
Ticket numbers are not getting assigned when payment is Paypal?
The ticket numbers are generated upon a paid or completed order. If you use the Paypal Simple payment plugin, Paypal does not report back that the order has been paid for. So you need to go to the order, then in the upper right select, resend completed order email and that will generate the tickets and send them to the customer and add them in the order info on the woo commerce admin. To do this automatically, requires a payment module that reports back that the payment has been completed like Paypal Pro or Paypal advanced. There are plenty of Paypal payment plugins available.
What are the terms of the license?
When you purchase the Raffle Ticket Generator Online Raffle Plugin, you are granted a lifetime license for use on a single domain and single server, however updates and support are available only while you have a current subscription. You can transfer the license to a different domain and server via the control panel on You can use it as long as you want on the versions of WordPress that the plugin continues to work on. Updates are valid for as long as you have a current support license. Initial purchase includes 1 year of support and updates.  You are entitled to any new versions or updates during that time. You have the option to renew support and upgrades at a discounted rate.

A lifetime license does not include life updates. If you bought a version 4 years ago when WordPress 4.4 was the latest release and you did not renew support and updates, you may need to purchase an a new license to get a version of the plugin that is compatible with a newer version of WordPress. For example, in certain circumstances our 1.x and 2.x versions may not work on WordPress 4.9 and WooCommerce 3 due to a variety of security enhancements implemented in those versions.
Can orders for tickets be added manually on the admin panel?
Yes via the built in WooCommerce manual order capability and our streamlined quick manual order function.
Can I modify your plugin?
We do not provide ANY support for any modifications to our plugin. Any support requests require that we reset our plugin back to the original code.
If you need special features or have specific requirements – please give our office a call during 8am to 5pm EST at 813-699-9325
Why are my ticket images not being displayed?
If the raffle ticket images are not being displayed in the confirmation email and the backend, the problem is most likely that your hosting is not supporting the current gdlibrary function.

The first thing to check is to test if tickets are generated when you uncheck the ticket image in the raffle ticket options. Make sure that normal tickets are generated. If not, it is another issue and please contact support.

If ticket numbers are generated normally but not the images, then the problem is your gdlibrary.

We use gdlibrary to generate the images –

If you are responsible for your hosting, make sure that version 2.2.3 is installed and working properly. If you are on shared hosting, your host might not support gdlibrary or the version is an older version. We are known to work with the current version, but do not have enough info about older versions.

If your host does not support the current version of gdlibrary, there is nothing we can do about the issue and you need to use regular tickets.

Several people have asked which hosts support gdlibrary, unfortunately, we do not have enough information as many hosts have different versions on different servers.

For example. We have seen it work properly on some hostgator servers, but others do not. When we look at the different servers, they have various versions so there is not a lot of consistency on the same hosting providers.
Do you offer a trial?
We don’t offer a trial version, but we do have a 14 day refund policy, so you can buy with confidence.
Is my Raffle Ticket Generator License Automatically Renewed?
Yes. Your license for support and updates will automatically renew after one year at a 50% discount, so you don’t lose access to security updates, added features, support and updates. You can easily disable the auto-renewal on your account page in the Billing section. You can continue to use the Raffle Ticket Generator plugin for the version of Wordpress and WooCommerce it was designed for in definitely.

Need Plugin Support

Before contacting support, please make sure you follow the troubleshooting steps. If you are having theme issues, be advised that we cannot provide theme support.
Please check the issue using the default WooCommerce Theme Storefront before opening a ticket.

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